Namari takes its cues from the classic amaro.

Turns out botanicals, herbs and roots—with all their digestiv qualities—don’t miss the alcohol. And neither do we.
Namari is loaded with chicory, gentian, coriander, cloves, Angelica root and wormwood—everything to cure what ails you, without actually ailing you. We source locally around our little town of Ojai, California and carefully produce our elixir in small batches by the light of the moon.

So whether you drink it straight or mix it up with one of our favorite cocktail recipes, Namari’s warm and smoky notes will refresh you. Trust us, you won’t miss the other stuff.

(Kidding about the moon though.)


Water, organic sugar, orange, chicory, cinnamon, coriander, lavender, sage, angelica root, gentian root, star anise, rosemary, lemon verbena, wormwood, clove, horehound, potassium sorbate
Product Details
Made in: Ojai ,CA
ABV: 0%
Storage: Refrigerate
Shelf Life: 1-3 months